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My WHS has a new friend

I have an HP MediaSmart Windows Home Server that has become the cornerstone of my family’s home network and my Windows Media Center setup.  The home server has four drive bays which I have filled with the following drives: 500GB (included/system), 500GB (taken from Media Center PC), 1TB, 1.5TB for a total of 3.5TB’s.  Just an FYI, just because a drive is listed as 500GB or 1TB you do not actually get that amount of space in reality.  So my 3.5TB’s is actually realized as 3.18 TB’s.

Amazingly 3.5TB’s of space is quickly being used up.  My home server is reporting that I have 442.65 GB worth of space left. 


So based on the dwindling amount of space and the lack of hard drive bays in my home server I just bought a 5-Bay SATA drive enclosure to expand my WHS by five drives.  Meet Metroplex’s new friend:


So over the next few months the plan is to keep an eye on Newegg for drive deals and fill this bad boy up with at least 5 more TB’s.  I just have the case right now and the first drive shipped separate and will arrive tomorrow.  I’ll post on the setup and how that experience goes tomorrow.

UPDATE:  I had my drive capacity reported incorrectly.  Thanks to Matt for pointing that out in the comments.  I thought my WHS was wrong at first and then I remembered the “Great Drive Swap” of ‘08.  That was fun when my main system drive was reporting as G: instead of C: but Google helped me fix that.


3 Responses

  1. The reason your WHS is only registering 3.18TB is because it is seeing one of your 1TB drives as a 500GB drive if you look at the actual capacity of each drive on the storage console that is the available capacity, that is showing you have 2 x 465GB drives yet you said you have 2 x 1TB so it should be showing 2 x 931GB instead so something is definitely wrong somewhere either you don’t have 4TB drives or you do and your WHS is showing them incorrectly.

  2. Matt,

    I totally overlooked that! Thanks for pointing that out.

    – Andres

  3. You know what. I was wrong. I did put 2 500GB drives, a 1TB and a 1.5TB drive.

    My Media Center originally had a 500GB main drive which was being wasted so I replaced it with a 320GB drive and then put the 500BG into my WHS. I need to update my post.

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