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My Encoding Quest Update 3.5

I was almost done with my last post and ready to release my Mencoder Wrapper application (MencoderProper) when I had a sudden burst of coder’s inspiration.  As I read back over the list of things that were not working it just seemed like I was quitting right before I got to the finish line.  I did a little more research and I am proud to say that I erased all the manual limitations the app had in the last 24 hrs.

MencoderProper can now be used at the command line or via DVR-MS toolbox.  In the last 24 hrs I was able to fix the automatic reading of the video file metadata (to determine resolution, audio type, etc) and fix an issue with an external command window.  With that last one fixed it now successfully runs inside DVR-MS toolbox.

I have sent it out to one person for testing but hopefully it will be something that can get out there soon.   More later…


One Response

  1. Sweet!

    I hope this together with what Ben's doing will be the answer to our HD+5.1 in 7MC woes.

    Great work.

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