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My Encoding Quest Update

Well it looks like fellow Media Center enthusiast Ben Drawbaugh is on the same page as me. He is taking his earlier MKV conversion process that was very TV centric and updating to take into account the extra complexities of movies (multiple aspect ratios and DTS sound).

In lead up to posting his final solution he has given me a piece that will tide me over. Ben has posted an update for DVRMS toolbox that will take an MKV file with DTS sound and convert the audio to AC3 without tampering with the video stream.

Now my little “MencoderProper” app that I wrote in C# works great. It will create the proper Mencoder application string and convert the MKV file to MPEG2 which allows me to get the file to MKV.

I was going to continue to clean up the app, but now that I know Ben is working on getting something going as part of DVRMS Toolbox I think I have a stop gap solution that is good for now.

The best part of this endeavor was that I learned more about C# development and I am seriously thinking about working on a Media Center plugin.


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