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Kids and DVR’s

SpongeBob SquarePants (character)





My three year old son is officially spoiled.  He is spoiled by the experience of DVR’s and will never have a grasp on the concept of advertising supported programming.

This came to my attention this morning when my son asked to watch Spongebob Square Pants.  Usually he gets to watch a show in the morning that is already recorded on the Media Center (Backyardigans or Max & Ruby).  Since he does not usually watch Spongebob we had to watch a live showing that just happened to be on.  My son was excited and happy but was not prepared for the commercials at all.  He freaked out and asked me to get back to the show.  I had to try and explain to him what commercials were and what was going on.  It was a losing battle and it was easier to convince him to just watch a show that would not have commercials.

CRAZY!!  Times are changing.  I was just remembering the other day when Saturday Morning Cartoons meant something too.

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