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Caller ID Working in Windows 7

ISA modem, v.34 standard.

A BIG HUGE thanks goes out to Michael Healy and his great Hack 7MC blog.  He recently published a post about getting caller id working in Windows 7 Media Center that helped me get caller if working again after moving to Windows 7 full time.

I am no stranger to editing the modem inf file and getting caller id working but for some reason the old tricks did not work in Windows 7.  I suspected that it was the modem drivers so when I read the hack7mc post I decided to give it a go with a new modem since the modem was so cheap.

Well everything worked as advertised except for one caveat.  I have no caller id images.  I tried using Vista Caller ID as per the instructions and it seemed to work fine until I discovered that the caller id pop-up only showed on the PC and not on the extenders.  So I went back to TapiRex and the pop-up worked on the extenders just fine but with none of my caller id images.  Hopefully this will be resolved in a future TapiRex update.

So if you want caller id I would read the post and follow the instructions.  This should work for either Vista or Windows 7 and is a really cheap addition that adds a lot of value to Media Center.

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2 Responses

  1. HEy Andres! Very excited to see the called ID working for you. However, vista does not seem to recognise my USB modem, an HP OEM UM9100-U (Aztech make). IT crashes vista to BSOD whenever I make a call to my landline. Can you help me out on that?

  2. Modems can be very picky. Do you have to use a USB modem or can you switch to an internal modem?

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