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Windows 7 Install Update

I wanted to post a quick update on how things went today. I went back to Windows 7, this time build 7077 instead of 7000. Here is a quick list of thoughts. I’ll expand later.

  • Love the new intro animation
  • Love the new sounds effects
  • Where is my photo screen saver???
  • Love heterogeneous tuners
  • Basic clean install of Windows 7 took like 10 minutes!!!!!
  • Install HDHomerun software, ATI DCT drives, ATI Radeon Win 7 drivers then setup Media Center with TV tuners without a hitch
  • It’ll be nice to have MenuMender but Hack 7MC has me covered for now
  • Linksys Extenders – Check!
  • Xbox 360 – Uh Oh / Check! / Uh Oh! / Check!!
  • Convert WTV to DVR-MS is present
  • Media Browser, shoutcast and HeatWave installed with no problem
  • Caller ID with TapiRex still not working
  • Love having the new Windows 7 Media Center UI back
  • So far so good!

That’s it for now. I need to watch some TV and relax.


2 Responses

  1. Are you having issues with your Xbox 360 as an extender? I have been using 7077 and I am having audio drop outs on HD recordings. Problems on your end?

  2. I have not had any problems with my 360. I had some issues getting it connected at first. I had to remove the 360 as an extender twice and it has been working fine since the third attempt.

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