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I had a taste of the good life…


Image by Zlatko Unger via Flickr

I had a taste of the good life and I want it back.  A month ago to the day I moved back to Windows Vista from the Windows 7 beta.  I was extremely excited to get WebGuide back and Caller ID back.  It seemed like a good decision at the time, but over the past couple of weeks I started to realize why Windows 7 Media Center was so much better than Windows Vista Media Center.  That reason can be summed up in two letters: T-V.

The TV support in Windows 7 is miles above anything that is in Windows Vista.  I have had to reconfigure my TV setup twice in the last week due to issues between HDHomerun and Media Center.  I have had conflicts in recording that would not been an issue at all in Windows 7 thanks to heterogeneous tuners.  I have had a return to inconsistent performance with my cable card tuners that NEVER happened in two months and a FREAKIN beta.  My extenders are slow as crap in responding to remote control commands and acting upon those commands.  I didn’t even realize how slow it was until I went back to Vista after using 7 for 2 months.

So I am going back to Windows 7 and will live with it until the final release.  I am confident that I can get the Caller ID working again since I had it working at one point.  Also I still have 7 episodes of ER that are in WTV format that would not convert to DVR-MS for some reason.  I can get all those shows back.  As for WebGuide I will miss it, but I manage without it as I wait for the rumored Live Mesh version to finally release.

I have just hit a wall with quality of TV Tuner support in Vista.  This is definitely a big kudos to the team and the work they have put into the Windows 7 version.  I know I will be recommending Windows 7 Media Center more as a solution to friends and even look to setup my parents with it since I feel it will be a stable enough solution to deploy to the parents.

Windows 7 here I come! Again!

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3 Responses

  1. Interesting!

  2. Hope it goes well since you mentioned you were experiencing stability issues last time and was the reason you went back to Vista. I’m tempted to upgrade to Windows 7 media center a try, but concerned about the WAF.

  3. You know my biggest stability problem in Windows 7 was with the extenders and from everything I have read the extenders are working great under the latest build. The speed and performance has been there since the Beta (build 7000).

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