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Back to Windows 7 – Why?

Why or Whatever was I thinking 11/21/07 Brookl...Image by larryosan via Flickr

I wanted to write up a quick post on why I am going back to Windows 7 and address some comments I made earlier when I moved back to Vista. All this back and forth is starting to feel like and episode of Lost!! I have had a few comments and emails so I thought it would be easier and more interesting to address the points in a post.

Why Move Back to Windows 7?
The biggest reason to move back to Windows 7 is as a fix for the TV tuner issues I have been having. The main purpose of my Media Center is as a DVR and not as a media streamer. The other functionality just gives me an all in one solution, but the DVR functionality is king and will always take priority. I have had some weird issues with my HDHomerun tuners which is solved in Windows 7 since it has native QAM support. Also the Cable Card tuners gave me no issues at all under Windows 7 and responded soooo much faster when I was changing channels.

The straw that broke the camels back the other day was when a TV conflict had to be resolved manually because I have 2 tuners for ABC HD on channel 235 (Cable Card) and on channel 2102 (HDHomerun). Under Windows 7 everything is collapsed into one channel and the conflict would have been resolved without me.

But What About….

Webguide and unsupported applications: Webguide was the one thing that I griped about the most. I hated not having it. One thing that I have realized since I moved back to Vista is that it is not quite the deal breaker that I thought. I have used it only a few times in the last month and it has been terribly convienient but webguide is something that I now know that I can wait for. I can get by until the next version comes out.

The other two applications that I was concerned with was Menu Mender and Caller ID. As far as Menu Mender there is now a work around. It’s not elegant but it works. Caller ID was working for me when I did a Windows 7 upgrade versus a clean install so I feel like I can get this working.

Stability: The main stability issue I had under Windows 7 was with my extenders. I had random lockups and reboots of my Linksys extenders and my Xbox 360. Since I use Media Center almost exclusively through extenders this was a big deal. Everything that I have read points to these issues being resolved in later builds of Windows 7 so I expect this to go away.

Clear Upgrade Path: There has been a lot more information on the release schedule and path to a final production version of Windows 7 that I now feel more comfortable with this as well. I can easily see using the current version of Windows 7 until I am able to install the production retail version. I expect to have to do a clean install but with the Home Server’s support I think I will be ok.

So the move will occur tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting back to Windows 7. There has been a lot of new things to try in Windows 7 thanks to Michael Healy’s GREAT blog Hacking Windows 7 Media Center. If you have not read his site you need to do yourself a favor and read it. Some of the tips can be applied to Windows Vista but it will also give you a good idea of what is to come if you are considering the upgrade to Windows 7.

I’ll report back on how things are going with the latest Windows 7 build.

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3 Responses

  1. What build are you going with? 7077?

  2. Yes I am going with 7077. I’ll have a new post tonight on the results. Everything is looking great!

  3. Sweet, look forward to reading the update. I’m going to be installing Windows 7 tonight and will dual boot it with Vista. Also, giving 7077 a shot.

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