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The Move Is Still On

Windows Vista

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A few posts ago I mentioned that I was going to move back to Vista from Windows 7 Beta.  Well I haven’t made the move yet but I have not given up on it either.

I have gotten the process of converting WTV files back to DVR-MS working.  My first test was unsuccessful because I was using a corrupt recording as my initial test file.  Once I tried a good recording it worked like a charm.

The plan is to reimage the PC tomorrow to the Vista image I have stored on my home server.  The move is a double edge sword for me.  I will miss the new features that I have gotten use to, but I also am excited to get some of my old features back working reliably.

The biggest feature I will miss from Windows 7 is the upgraded tuner support.  I will especially miss the ability to set tuner priority and heterogeneous tuners.  This and the other improvements are great but they do not hold a candle to WebGuide for me.  I need my webguide back ASAP.  I am happy to see that it is coming to Windows 7 as I had thought but we still do not know when.

Another reason for the move back is that there does not seem to be a clear path for moving from Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 proper.  The Beta is supposedly good through August but the latest rumor is that Windows 7 will not be released to the public until this fall.  I can’t afford that kind of gap.

So tomorrow will be Vista day and I can rejoice at having Webguide, Caller ID and Menu Mender back.  I will also tip my drink for the features that are no longer with me (New Guide with logos, updated tuner support, video play all, Music album art wall, new photo screen saver, updated UI, new mini guide, new screen overlay, etc..).

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2 Responses

  1. Why not downgrade to TV pack, that way you can keep the wtv files?

  2. As far as I know you can’t just downgrade to Vista with TV pack. I would have to go back to Vista and then install TV Pack.I have heard so many nightmares about TV Pack I am not going to touch it. Plus I don’t think it works with WebGuide which is the main reason I am moving back in the first place.

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