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ATI Tuner Broke

I was cleaning up the office and reorganizing the mess of wires behind my tuners when I heard a snap.  The power outlet on the board on the inside of my tuner case snapped off.

It looks like it could be fixed but I do not have the skill set to do that.  Here is a picture:

IMG_2238 So I am now in the market to replace this tuner which really sucks.  Thank god for my HDHomerun or I would really be hurting.



5 Responses

  1. you could try and take it to a local electronics shops that does soldiering and see if they can fix it.

  2. Did you ever find a solution for this? Would a quick soldering job fix the problem? I happen to have the exact same issue with this device.

  3. I bought a replacement tuner and gave it to my brother. He had a friend that was able to solder it back on and it is working great. So good news is that it can be fixed. If you need information on what was done let me know.

  4. Well that's good news. If you don't mind, I am curious about what had to be done. I was thinking that some soldering would be necessary. Do you know if they had to disassemble all the internals, or if they were able to solder the four points that part without removing anything?

  5. I am almost 100% certain that they just soldered the 4 points without removing anything. I'll call my brother and try to get him to post a comment.

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