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What’s Recording Tonight?

The Dollhouse Cast

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The new Friday night is here!

* Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (HD) [FOX]
– I have enjoyed this show since day one.  I heard the show runner speak at a panel during ComiCon and I was really hyped about this season.  So far so good!
* Wolverine and the X-Men (SD) [Niktoons] – Not sure if I am going to stick with this latest iteration of the merry mutants. Maybe the introduction of Gambit will keep me coming back.

* Dollhouse (HD) [FOX]
– All the hype and it’s finally here.  I hope Joss has another hit.

* Battlestar Galactica (SD) [SciFi]
– I am sooo frakkin’ tired of the depressing stuff.  There are only six episodes starting tonight.  They have to get this crew somewhere positive after fours seasons of negativity.

Total: 2 HR HD, 1.5 HR SD

What is your DVR recording tonight? Since I have plenty of space, what should I be recording?

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