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What’s Recording Tonight?

The season 1 cast of Grey’s AnatomyImage via Wikipedia

As I have mentioned in a previous post Thursday night is what caused me to look for a DVR alternative which eventually led me to Media Center. Tonight is an average night with just my regular shows. Let’s see what’s coming up.

* Ugly Betty (HD) [ABC] – This show has started to drop off for me. My wife is up to date but I am behind and I have yet to feel the desire to catch up.

* Grey’s Anatomy (HD) [ABC] – Grey’s has actually been good this season. Well everything except for the Sixth Sense “I-See-Dead-People” storyline with Izzy. Looks like that is almost over and we can concentrate on the rest of the hospital.
* The Office (HD) [NBC] – I am loving this season and I am so glad that I was able to pick this show up again. I am behind by one episode but tonight’s is a continuation of the Michael Scott Dunder-Mifflin branch tour. I’ll do a mini marathon and watch them both together.

* Private Practice (HD) [ABC] – This is a crossover episode with Grey’s so I will probably go ahead and watch.
* ER (HD) [NBC] – Still piling up this final season on the hard drive. This will be a summer series for us.

* The Daily Show (SD) [Comedy Central]
* The Colbert Report (SD) [Comedy Central]

Total: 4.5 HR HD, 1 HR SD

What is your DVR recording tonight? Since I have plenty of space, what should I be recording?

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