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What’s Recording Tonight?

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Aww, Wednesday night. How I’ve missed you. Just kidding. I just like the way that sounded. There is some good TV tonight but only one show that I will actually watch tonight. I am so addicted to Lost I cannot go more than 24 hrs without watching the latest episode and in most cases no more than 3 hrs.

* American Idol (HD) [FOX] – So this is the last Hollywood week episode. I just recently caught up on the season and I must say they have me back so far. The talent is really good and the stories are really interesting.

* Lost (HD) [ABC] – Please tell me you are watching this show! The writers are hitting on all cylindars now. Every week is a new reveal and I can’t wait to see what happens this week.
* Looking for Lincoln (HD) [PBS] – This doc looks really interesting so I’ll give it a try.
* UNC vs Duke (HD) [Local/ESPN] – Sorry Dook fans. I am a UNC grad and the Tarheels are on a roll. I will be watching this victory and recording it just in case there is another posterizing moment.

* Life on Mars (HD) [ABC] – I have the whole season so far recorded and I have yet to watch an epsiode. Still not compelled. This may become a summer series for me.

* The Daily Show (SD) [Comedy Central]
* The Colbert Report (SD) [Comedy Central]

Total: 7 HR HD, 1 HR SD

What is your DVR recording tonight? Since I have plenty of space, what should I be recording?

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