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What’s Recording Tonight?

Wolverine and the X-Men

Friday, Feb. 6th 2009

Friday night is usually a slow night but that will change next week when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles comes back and the Dollhouse premieres.

  • 8pm: Batman: The Brave and the Bold [SD] (Cartoon Network) – I was really skeptical of this show but I absolutely love it.  If you have not checked it out, do yourself a favor and start watching.
  • 8pm: Wolverine and the X-Men [SD] (Nik Toons) – I saw the first three episodes of this show at ComiCon this past summer.  It was pretty good and Wolverine made sense as a leader.  The jury is still out on this spiritual successor to the 90’s X-Men cartoon on Fox Kids.
  • 10pm: Battlestar Galactica [SD] (SciFi) – It took me awhile to get into this show but after giving it another shot before the final season began I really got into it.  This is the 4th episode into the final 10.  I really hope they start to put some hope into this show.

Total: 2 HR SD

What is your DVR recording tonight?  Since I have plenty of space, what should I be recording?

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