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What is the Media Center recording tonight?

Lost (TV series)Image via Wikipedia

I am currently working on a few Windows 7 posts and I wanted to stop by and create a quick post in the meanwhile. I’ve had an idea for a daily post on what the Media Center is up to since this blog is suppose to be about the daily use and experiences of Media Center. So hear it goes.

* Lost (ABC, 9pm): I am a huge Lost fan and this is definitely number 1 on the list tonight. After last week’s season premiere I am really looking forward to seeing if all the theories around Faraday’s mom are correct. I love this time travel stuff.

* American Idol(FOX, 8pm): The auditions continue and I am still behind on this show. So far I have only seen the season premiere, but I did enjoy it. Not sure on the fourth judge yet, but she seems to have more recent experience than any other the other three.

* Lie to Me(FOX, 9pm): This is a new show that premiered last week. The show looks interesting but I have yet to watch.

* Life on Mars(ABC, 10pm): We have a season of this show stacked up and I don’t think that is going to change. Unless my wife starts watching it I will be hitting the delete button on this show.

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3 Responses

  1. Life on Mars is a great show and one well worth a watch.

  2. How well does the guide setup work with HDHR QAM and windows 7? I had heard it is an improvement, but I’ve yet to see much posted by people actually using it.Right now I’m on vista32 using beyondtv to handle dvr duties for 3 QAM and 1 NTSC stream provided by an HDHR and a hauppage hvr1600. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.tia-Dave

  3. Dave,I have had a few questions about this so I will create a post today on it.– Andres

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