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Windows 7 Rebuild Complete

I completed my clean install of Windows 7 yesterday morning after about 25 minutes of waiting. A marked improvement from the few hours it took to upgrade from Vista. After using it for a full 24 hours I am definitely glad that I went through with the clean install.

My hopes of my Cable Card DRM’ed content still working were crushed as I tried to play the first episode of Generation Kill (HBO mini-series). At the end of the day not a significant loss since the series was just released on DVD. All other cable card content I had I either did not care about or could get to in some other fashion (record a repeat airing, online streaming, DVD). Luckily the majority of my content was record with the HDHomerun tuners over unencrypted QAM.

I now have a clean install with nothing but my must have applications and ALL of my essential plugins working again. As far as performance, it seems to be a marked improvement but just this morning I was getting a lot of network congestion and extender disconnects. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.


5 Responses

  1. Hmm…so content recorded in Vista using the ATI Cable Card Tuners won’t work in a clean install of Windows 7 using the same computer?? This is DRM gone wrong! You aren’t doing anything illegal. MS needs to fix that issue, big time.My big question to you as far as Win7 goes, is what’s the deal with old dvr-ms files? Did it transcode all of them to the new format, or does Win7 read old dvr-ms files (buy doesn’t write to this format any more)??

  2. The DRM issue is pretty messed up. I had to enter in my Digital Cable product key from the back of my PC so it should be able to recognize that I made the recordings on this PC. We’ll see what happens after ATI finally releases that update relaxing DRM. It may be in their court now since the update was already made in Media Center.As far as the old DVR-MS files, they stay in the same format. Media Center in Win7 can read then just fine. I still rip my DVD’s and convert to DVR-MS since there are now WTV tools yet.

  3. This DRM mess really raises my blood pressure. Hopefully it will get worked out to the advantage of the consumer sometime soon.I have a similar setup (XPS420 with dual ATI cablecard tuners) and want to try 7MC. But my system has been very stable and I’m afraid to mess it up. Did you consider dual booting your system? Did you have to reactivate (pair) your cable cards with your cable company?

  4. Landmark,I do not have an actual dual boot. Instead I have an image on my home server of my last stable Vista configuration. So I could always go back. I did not partition and dual boot because I did not want to negatively impact my Home Server backups.I did not have to reactive the cards with Time Warner. The setup was pretty much flawless. I am really enjoying Windows 7 and cannot wait for the final release.The DRM issue was annoying but not a deal breaker. If I was not recording over 75% of my content DRM free with the HD Homerun I would not have made the upgrade. I highly recommend getting one. It’s the perfect compliment to the two DCT we bought from Dell.

  5. I added a new hdd to my system and installed Windows 7 x64 for dual booting. It recognized my 2 DCT tuners and my other ATSC tuner and set them up without any issues. Everything was great until I tried to watch live TV. The picture was scrambled and I kept getting a messaging popping up that said the show was copy protected and could only be played on the computer it was recorded from. I was on the XPS420 watching live TV. Did you run into something like this when you set your system up?

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