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More HD Promised Tomorrow for Charlotte, NC Area

Mgm hd.

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According to my local Time Warner website my are will be blessed with the following additions to the HD lineup:

  • Animal Planet HD – Channel 208
  • ABC Family HD – Channel 205
  • Disney Channel HD – Channel 206
  • ESPNEWS HDChannel 278
  • TLC HD – Channel 209
  • Lifetime Movie Network HD – Channel 216
  • History HD – Channel 213

    Normally I would be extremely excited, but now due to Switched Digital Video being implemented in my area I am cautiously optimistic.

    This will be the second round of HD added to the lineup.  The last round in November included the following:

  • Sprout – Channel 167 (actually SD, but my son would love it)
  • Planet Green HD – Channel 207
  • CNN HDChannel 259
  • MGM HD – Channel 290 (replacing MOJO)
  • Discovery HD – Channel 210
  • Bio HD – Channel 212
  • Speed HD – Channel 262
  • ESPNU HD – Channel 289

    Out of the first round of HD additions the only channel I can get with my Cable Cards is MGM HD and that’s because it just replaced MOJO which I was already getting before SDV was implemented.  Only channels I want are in red, but of course at the end of the day I really want all of them.

    I have already pre-ordered my tuning adapter and received my automated reply email.  Has anyone out there in the San Antonio market tried these with the current media center setup?  I am not sure if ATI needs to deliver a firmware upgrade or if the adapter will just work.  If you have one and it works with Media Center and the ATI Digital Cable Card tuners please post a comment.

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