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New HD Channels Coming to Charlotte

Well it turns out that if you ask then sometimes you do receive. A few days ago I complained about the lack of updates to my HD lineup while other Time Warner areas were being gifted with new HD channel after new HD Channel.

Well it turns out that the channels are sitting behind the floodgate and we are just waiting for that gate to be opened.  According to a comment by a Time Warner employee on my previous post I can soon expect the following HD additions here in Charlotte:

  • Speed HD
  • BIO
  • Discovery Channel
  • Planet Green
  • CNN
  • Disney Channel
  • History
  • Animal PLanet
  • ABC Family
  • Lifetime
  • ESPNews
  • Learning Channel
  • Cinemax E
  • Cinemax W
  • Starz!
  • TMC
  • PPV (I assume this is Pay Per View which I thought we already had)

So as you can see by the channels in bold, every channel I mentioned in my last post is on the list.  Thanks to Jeff for posting the comment.  Now if I can only get some dates…


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