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Things can change quickly

So one moment I am sitting on the couch with my son watching his new favorite movie (The Polar Express) and then 20 minutes later I am a path of excruciating back pain.

I really don’t know what happened but this has been a pain unlike anything I have ever felt. It’s been three and half days now and it has only gotten worse. I went to the doctor on Friday and I go back on Monday.

The only silver lining I can come up with is that I have been able to catch up on recorded TV since I have been tied to the couch.

Hopefully I will be back to normal soon.


One Response

  1. I’ve gone through the same thing. One moment I’m standing over the sink brushing my teeth, and the next I’m on the ground in excrutiating pain. All because I sneezed. Pretty much all you can do is ride it out.Thank goodness for Media Center to tide you over. 🙂

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