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Thank You Windows Home Server!!

Windows Home Server Console

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So last night after panic and pulling my hair out I remembered what I now consider to be the best tech purchase I have ever made: my Windows Home Server!

Turns out that my problem actually was virus related which then in turn corrupted a section of my hard drive.  After fighting with a number of failed attempts to bring the system back I came across my home server cd’s and documentation.

I have an HP Media Smart Server and it comes with a PC Restore boot disk.  All I had to do was boot with the CD, provide the drivers to my NIC card via USB thumbstick, and then choose which back up I needed to restore.

Luckily I actually took the time to setup a backup for my C: Drive.  Due to space I only did the most important folders.  Upon restore the home server basically wiped out the drive and restored only the data that I had backed up.  I ended up losing some movie files that I had yet to move from my C: Drive but it was nothing that I could not get back from my actual DVD’s.

So I am back up and running and all is good.  I only missed one recording at the end of the day.  Thanks also to Tim who posted a comment reminding me about my home server.  If I had not remembered myself, Tim would have shaken me out of my panic induced stupor.



4 Responses

  1. Fantastic! I have been looking to pull the trigger on a WHS. Looks like it was money well spent.

  2. I back up my whole media center pc to WHS. It saved me so many times. I never worried about messing up my MCE box.

  3. what was that virus name that mess with your hard drive and make it corrupt?? never heard of that

  4. I completely agree, Windows Home Server is great, although I never paid for mine, it is worth more money than they charge, I won a competition whilst working for microsoft and this and a free xbox 360 was included.

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