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Media Center Cumulative Update for Media Center

This is a repost from Chris Lanier’s blog:

October 2008 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista (KB955519)

  • Fixes an issue in which you cannot seek through recorded TV shows on Windows Media Center systems that have digital cable tuners. Additionally, the recorded TV shows display the incorrect length.
  • Fixes an issue in which Windows Media Center Extenders cannot re-connect to a host computer after the host computer resumes from the suspend mode or the sleep mode.
  • Fixes an issue which is introduced by KB950126. In this issue, a video that is paused may resume if you minimize or maximize the Windows Media Center window or if a screen saver starts.
  • Implements support for Digital Rights Management (DRM) free copy for digital cable tuners that have the latest digital cable tuner BIOS that support DRM free copy.
  • Expands the solution that was introduced in KB950126 to improve the experience of recording analog TV broadcasts to include set-top box scenarios. Previously, some analog TV broadcasts were blocked with the "protected content" message.

I only posted the non-TV Pack Update information since I do not have TV Pack.  It’s almost the same thing anyway.  I highlighted two of the updates that I am excited for.

The first item in bold just hit me last night.  My wife and I were watching Ugly Betty and tried to fast forward during the second commercial break only to find out the recording was only listed as 7 minutes instead of 60 minutes.  I wonder if this fix will be retroactive and fix this recording or if it will only remove this from happening again in the future.  I will post my results later today.

The second item is very interesting.  The one thing that annoys me about the cable card tuners is that EVERYTHING has DRM on it.  This really should not be the case.  If I record the local news because my nephews’ football game is highlighted I should not be restricted as to what I can do with that.  Other content I can understand but it should be selective.  So the next question after reading about this update is":  When will the Tuner firmware update be released!


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