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Time Warner – Where are my HD channels?

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Ok, soap box time.  It feels like everyday I see a new post on Engadget about Time Warner Cable adding new HD channels to one of their regions.

I live in the Charlotte, NC region and we have not had a significant HD upgrade in awhile.  The Big 10 Network was added within the last 2 weeks and that’s it.  That’s it.

Now I am happy to see something new in HD, but did it have to be the Big 10 Network!!  I live in ACC country.  We don’t care about Big 10 Sports.  What I do want is CNN HD so that I can watch the presidential debates with all of the extra information.

I have been anticipating the arrival of a few more HD channels during this time period since I was sent a letter about the move to Switch Digital Video in my region.  I was fully expecting that this bandwidth increasing change would take away some of the lesser channels that I currently do not watch but gift me with an HD lineup that included CNN HD, Disney Channel HD, ABC Family HD, ESPNU HD, ESPNews HD.  Instead I have Big 10 Network HD.

I am still hoping and assuming that the new channels will hit my lineup soon, but there more announcements I see about other Time Warner regions the more frustrating the wait becomes.

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  1. Hi — I’m Jeff Simmermon, the director of digital communications at Time Warner Cable. Easy now, Andres — we’re rolling out a number of new HD channels in Charlotte over the coming months, including:Speed HDBIODiscovery ChannelESPNUPlanet GreenCNNDisney ChannelHistoryAnimal PLanetABC FamilyLifetimeESPNewsLearning ChannelFSNS HDCinemax ECinemax WStarz!TMCPPVHope that helps a little … feel free to write me at jeff.simmermon@twcable.com if you like.

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