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Next Gen WiFi Remote for Media Center

Last night I got home and immediately installed the ngRC (Next Generation Remote Control) utility app for Media Center.  I have seen a few apps come along that control Media Center via WiFi but this was the first one that I saw that would not only control the main PC but the extenders as well.

First let me say that the software is in Beta.  The install was pretty straight forward, but I did have to go into my processes and kill the main Media Center process.  After that I had to restart all of the extenders so that the app could recognize them.  Once I did that I was ready to go.

First thing to do was click on settings.  On the settings screen you choose which extender you want to control.  If you have Media Center up on the main PC is just gets listed as an extender in the drop down list.  The only issue here is that the extenders are given obscure names such as “Extender 1 (7554)” and “Extender 2 (7569)” which forces a little trial and error to determine which extender is which.  Not that big a deal.

I tried the web interface on an iPhone, a PSP and a laptop.  As expected every control worked flawlessly on the Media Center instance running on the main PC.  The real test was with the extenders which is how I primarily use Media Center.

I was more than excited when I used my wife’s iPhone to start playing songs on my Media Center extender that was sitting in the other room.  I was able to queue up songs or add a playlist.  It worked great.  The controls for the extender do have one known bug in that all the major controls are not fully functional (next, prev, the directional keys, ok button, etc).

In it’s current incarnation though I will definitely be using this at the next party.  I will pull up a laptop and invite all my guest to help DJ the party be selecting music and adding it to the queue.  This was a scenario that actually excited my wife.

I am looking forward to the future releases but this little app is in a great place right now.  Definitely go check it out.  Did I mention it was FREE!!! 


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  1. Hey Andres, I didn’t know how else to contact you since you weren’t on my Digsby when I got home from the hospital.I may already have a partner lined up but he hasn’t told me yes or no yet. If it’s a no on his end I’ll get up with you for sure!The guy I’m trying to convince is new to media center and actually there are a lot of things he doesn’t like about it. I’m hoping that if he does it we can play off of that but I’ll let you know.Love the blog by the way. I’ve already found 2 new apps by reading it: Heatwave and MC Menu Fixer. I’ll be trying them both this weekend and writing reviews soon.Later!

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