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Current State of my Media Center

I am behind on my posts but I wanted to give a few updates on my state of Media Center.

1) Stability – The stability of the system has really come around! There has not been a tuner issue with recordings in a long time (knock on virtual wood). We had one recording issue because a new show was listed in the guide as a repeat. I think it was just a mix up because the rebroadcast 4 days later was listed as new and that episode recorded just fine.

2) Plugins – I have settled in on a list of plugins that we use daily. OML for movie library, Heatwave for weather and vmcNetflix for streaming Netlfix Instant Queue movies.

3) Utilities – I just installed the latest version of MC Menu Mender and it works great!!! I was able to remove some confusion in the menu by separating TV+Movies strip into a TV strip and Movies strip. I also renamed a few items to remove confusion.

4) Home Server – I have not done much customization on the home server at all. It’s pretty much good to go out of the box. I have moved a lot of my common files to the server and all of my ripped DVD’s. I still want to add 2 TB of storage but it’s working great.

5) TV Pack Wait – Everyday I am really glad that I did not install the TV Pack. I really would like some of the features but I just cannot give up WebGuide. I use it WAY too much. Everything is pointing to Windows 7 being ready next year so I can go through this season of television just fine with what I have and then upgrade during the summer in between TV seasons.

Overall things are going great. I have a new utility/plugin that I will be trying tonight. I will post my thoughts tomorrow after playing with it tonight.


4 Responses

  1. I wish I would have decided to forego the TV Pack upgrade on my CableCARD PC. I’m having major issues (as I’ve been documenting on thegreenbutton.com) and it’s been hard finding solutions since it’s not exactly mainstream. Recordings aren’t being scheduled when the guide updates, the guide isn’t indexed when it updates so I have to manually run the index in order to get shows to show up in searches, and I’ve also been having issues with recordings stopping short due to a temporary failure. Overall, I’m very unhappy with the TV Pack and wish I wouldn’t have installed it. I love A LOT of the features but it seems to have broken a lot of the things you come to expect out of a DVR…you know, like finding your series recordings in the guide and recording them. I might end up going back to my back from about a month ago but I haven’t exactly decided yet. Trying to get some help from some of the Microsoft guys on TGB at the moment so I’m holding out a little longer.

  2. I was so close to pulling the trigger. I hope you can get it back to the original state without jumping through to many hoops.

  3. I got some help from one of the Microsoft guys on TGB yesterday via email and it appears as though my issue may be resolved for now. I basically had to delete everything related to Media Center and start over. I was perfectly happy doing that as all I really had to do was run tv signal setup again and set up my series recordings again. Sounds like some work but I was more than happy to go through it after all the problems I was having. After I verify it’s working correctly (need to get a new guide download to see if it’s finding the new recordings) I will post something on my new blog at http://www.mediacenterblog.net and on TGB about who to contact to fix this problem. He requested that I refer people to him rather than posting the fix so they know who is having problems.

  4. Andres, can you share the details of your network – Router, switches, etc? I cannot get my extenders to play video consistently. Choppy playback comes a goes. I am hoping if I simply follow what someone else has done, I will get it working smoothly. Thanks, Ken – kennyp14 AT yahoo.com

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