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More Storage on the Way

As I posted before, I was having storage dilemmas.  Well I have just pulled the trigger on something that will help with that problem.

I have not only purchased another Western Digital 1TB drive (for $139!!) but I have also finally purchased a Windows Home Server to put the new drive into.

I bought the HP Media Smart Windows Home Server with 500GB internal storage.  Couple that with the extra drive and I will be adding 1.5TB of storage.

Windows Home Server was the natural progression of my network project since I officially kicked this off at the beginning of the year.  I was also looking at the Drobo based on my brother’s recommendation and seeing it integrated in other’s setup.  At the end of the day I went with the WHS for the tighter Microsoft integration and the ability to customize WHS with Add-Ins.

I am super excited to get the storage space in and get everything installed and setup.


3 Responses

  1. you’ll love WHS, I’ve been running it since the beta testing days. I’ve got 4TB storage, with 600gig backup setup with WHS so far and I don’t look to be slowing down any time soon 😉http://homepage.duluthmn.com/~umdivx/WHS_Storage.jpg

  2. umdivx – How many physical drives do you have? What kind of box do you have to hold that many drives?

  3. I am running a Antec Sonata II case, holds 4 HDD’s internally and then picked up a 5 in 3 5.25″ hdd’s enclosure so I have 5 hdd’s where the cd rom bays are.All 9 of those drives are 500gig hdd’s.Then I have a eSata 5 bay external enclosure as well but only using 2 x 320gig hdd’s in that currently.– Josh

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