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TV Tonic Olympic Content Gone After Sept. 15

Big thanks to Adam over at Entertainment 2.0 Blog for letting me know that my TV Tonic Olympic content will only be around for another two weeks.

I have not been as big of a TV Tonic user as I thought I would be. I have used it more for the Olympics. It has been great to be able to see the performance of the day and to get specific events that I may have missed. I used it a few times to see Usain Bolt’s amazing performances.

I hope Media Center gives us more content deals like this in the future.


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  1. I liked the content. I heard a LOT of complaining about it. “I tuned into Water Polo and there weren’t any announcers”. Well, how many times have we wished that when Billy Packer was calling the game?What people failed to realize is that TVTonic gave us content that was beyond the broadcast production realm for NBC’s networks. My only complaint was the delay by which events were posted. I messed up recording the mens basketball gold medal game and the TVTonic material wasn’t available until about 10 hours after the game finished. By then I had heard the result, and that took a lot of fun out of it.Also, I’d live to have the nice FF/REW controls that we enjoy in VMC. Overall, though, I was really happy with this FREE BONUS to what we already got from NBC!Thanks for the update on when it dies.

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