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Share TV Buffer Saved Me

Yesterday was the first time I was actually able to take advantage of Media Center’s Share TV Buffer [hidden feature].

I have written about my disappointment with not being able to record fully from the Live TV buffer. Yesterday was one of the days that I needed it.

My wife is a NC Delegate to the Democratic Convention in Denver this year. Because of that I have been watching a lot of CNN coverage of the convention. Yesterday I had gotten behind the live coverage due to pausing for a number of reasons. Not a big deal since I have a 3-hour buffer. I did not set this to record because I do not want to keep it to watch later.

The problem came in when my son came home from daycare. I knew he was going to want to watch one his recorded shows. I also knew that if I pressed record to record what I was watching I would loose my buffer. So as a work around I used the Shared Buffer feature. I went upstairs and tuned into the same channel on another extender. This shared the buffer from downstairs so I had the 2 hrs plus available for that channel. I then was able to turn on Max & Ruby for my son and not loose my CNN buffer. Very Cool!!

I will try and post a video later tonight to help illustrate the point further.


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