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Heatwave Plugin Updated

One of my new favorite Media Center plugins has been updated. All the details of the update and the download link can be found at the Green Button.

Heatwave is a great Weather plugin that pulls it’s information directly from Weather.com. It has a slick interface and it’s super simple to setup and use. It’s also FREE!! Great, simple plugin that everyone should have.

A few of the things that stands out on the change list:

  • Now compatible with TV Pack 2008, including extenders
  • The forecasts on the main page now animate from day to night mode
  • Extenders should now correctly use all the same settings as the server

It’s nice to see plugins starting to be updated to be compatible with TV Pack. I hope we see more of this.

This update also address my only real complaint with the plugin. Previously I had to setup all the same locations on each extender and the PC. Now I can finally set it up in one place and have it reflected everywhere. I can’t wait to get home and upgrade my version.


One Response

  1. The download links in the thread are broken but there are some mirrors for downloading here: http://www.hack7mc.com/2009/01/adding-weather-to-media-center.html

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