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I just got my SDV letter

I received my Switched Digital Video (SDV) letter in the mail yesterday from Time Warner. I have know this letter was coming for a few months now and the day is finally here.

If you do not know what SDV is, let me try to do a quick explanation. Basically the cable companies are hitting bandwidth limitations and are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for more HD channels. To combat this they will start sending a group of “lesser watched” channels via SDV. The SDV technology will only send this group of channels to your home when you tune into those channels (i.e. on demand). This opens up bandwidth since all of the channels are not sent to your house at the same time.

This affects me since I have Cable Card and the Cable Cards I have cannot request the channels being sent via SDV. SDV requires 2-way communication with Time Warner and I can only do 1-way. A device known as a Tuning Adapter has been created to alleviate the problem with 1-way Cable Cards but it currently has only been announced for Tivo devices.

After scanning the list of channels I can’t say I am too upset or bothered. I have no problem giving up these channels for more HD channels. We’ll see when those HD channels actually arrive.

The channels that Time Warner will be moving to SDV are listed after the jump. The channels in italics are the ones I remotely care about.

Hispanic Tier Channels
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Boomerang Espanol Discovery Espanol La Familia
Canal Sur ESPN Deportes MTVtr3s
Cine Latino Fox Sports Espanol Mun2
CNN Espanol Galavision Telefutura
TV Azteca

Premium – West Coast Feeds
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Cinemax West HBO West Showtime West
Action Max West HBO 2 West Showtime Too West
MoreMax West HBO Family West Sundance West
Thriller Max West HBO Signature West Flix West
Showcase West

Sports Package Channels
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ESPN Gameplan NHL Center Ice NBA Preview Channel
MLB Extra Innings NBA League Pass

Sports Tier Channels
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CBS College Sports Network Fox College Sports Central Game Show Network
Fox Soccer Channel Fox College Sports Pacific NHL Network
Fox College Sports Atlantic Fuel The Tennis Channel
Outdoor Channel NBA TV

Other Channels
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TV One BBC America American Life TV
Boomerang Gospel Music Channel TEN Blue
Current TV EWTN (English) TEN Clips
Ovation Bloomberg TV iN Demand PPV Events 1
iN Demand PPV Events 2


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