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Coming soon

I have been slacking on my Living With Media Center posts but I have more coming. My next one is on Photos and the one after that was scheduled to be Hardware. I am going to delay the Hardware post and move the Plugins post ahead of it.

I also have a more detailed video tour to compliment the posts I have written and the posts I am writing. I will be adding those soon as well.

Special shout out to Drew and good luck with the setup. Keep checking back. The posts are coming!


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  1. Have you been following the debacle with the Fiji update? I am sitting here with a standard VMC setup and one extender, but I’d like to go OEM with a Dell like yours and two CableCard tuners. I am scared to do anything because I don’t want to get a preFiji setup when for the same price, I could get a Fiji setup. Dell’s website really reveals nothing about Media Center and the ability to run CableCard. IT’s like some big secret out there. Any thoughts on what to do? The Hauupage DVR analog hole thing looks neat, but I want to just get down to renting a pair of cable cards, not a couple of settop boxes. Plus, that setup seems very clunky with the laggy IR extender, etc.

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