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Whoa! EngadgetHD hands on with Media Center TV Pack Update

Ben over at EngadgetHD has gotten his hands on the elusive and ever-so-secret Fiji/TV Pack Media Center update. He just posted a hands-on report.

The features that he highlight would improve my TV functionality and make it an all together better experience so I am very excited to get the update.

The only question is whether I will actually be able to get the update. RUMOR says that the update will be OEM only. I’m ok there since I bought my PC from Dell to take advantage of CableCard. RUMOR also says it will only ship on NEW OEM PC’s. If this is true then this BLOWS!!! I am not giving up yet on Microsoft because these just seems like a slap in the face to their hardcore customers that champion the platform.

CEDIA cannot get here fast enough!


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  1. Hey Andres. GREAT blog and write-up of your journey. It has really helped me as I get ready to start the same exact journey. I was wondering if you could write a followup on some of your experiences with the plugins you talked about back earlier this year and how you like/dislike them. More importantly though, what road did you decide to take regarding DVD archive (videoredo/dvr-ms or transcode 360). Also have you used any of the prgrams like Handbrake that have varying success for streaming movies. ThanksDrew

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