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Storage Dilemma

I am planning on finishing my “Living With Media Center” series this week and will hopefully get around to producing my videos too.

Today I just wanted to rant about storage space and my self imposed dilemma. I have 2.2 Terabytes of storage and I am running out of space. That is soooo crazy. My space issues come from two sources: 1) I have to record everything in HD and I can’t get rid of it and 2) I love collecting movies again!!

So my first dilemma is almost a direct result of the space that I now have and the hectic schedule my family has been on. It has become harder and harder to sit down together with my wife to watch shows these days. Luckily we have the storage space that allows us to do mini-marathons of shows (4-6 episodes). The problem is we are not doing it. We are starting to get back on track finally so this should ease up a bit. With the fall season quickly approaching though, we need to get a better schedule or more storage space.

The second dilemma is my new increased addiction to collecting movies. I have been adding more and more of my DVD’s onto the hard drive as of late. This may be a side effect of not watching my recorded TV with my wife because now I turn to the movies in our movie collection. It also doesn’t help that Circuit City and Best Buy advertise $5 DVD’s every Sunday. $5!!! It’s not HD, but for most movies 480p will be fine by me. Of course more storage would help here too.

It seems like the answer is more storage! I want to buy one more 1 TB drive. After that I will need to get a Drobo or Windows Home Server. I am cleaning up my current drives and here is what the new breakdown will look like:

  • 500GB Main Drive (240 GB available):
    • Music – 65 GB
    • Photos – 15 GB
    • Videos – 2 GB (misc videos)
    • Music Videos – 16 GB
  • 750GB Drive:
    • Recorded TV – Main space for recorded TV
    • TV Archive – 200 GB (Shows I want to keep. Display with myTV plugin)
  • 1 TB Drive:
    • Movies – 720 GB

So if anyone actually reads this blog and has a media center, post a comment and let me know how much storage you have and how it’s broken down.


6 Responses

  1. I believe you. I am still toying with Media Center on my desktop PC (no cablecard, just OTA HD) and my 400GB HD got filled up pretty quickly when I started adding ripped movies. I would love to put all of my little girl’s videos on the server and remove the DVD moat that surrounds my TV. Still looking at replacing the computer (sending it to the office) and getting a Dell or HP that will work with CableCard. I was shooting for 1TB of storage. yikes.

  2. This post may interest you:http://www.geektonic.com/2008/07/htpc-hard-drive-space-how-much-is.htmlI’ve been an HTPC fanatic for years, using Beyond TV. I’m adding a VMC PC for CableCARD support. I currently have 1.4TB of usable data in my Drobo (music, movies, photos) and over 1TB of TV recording storage. You can never have enough.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Grant that was a great link.In looking through my recorded content, I also have a lot of movies in HD that I recorded from HBO but have yet to watch. I am also rethinking some of the movies I have ripped as well.At the end of the day though I can easily see 4TB being a sweet spot. I bought the system so I can have all of this content when I wanted and without space constraints.

  4. hmm, i’m slowing filling up my 7th terrabit external drive

  5. Right now I have the following on my Vista Media Center:500GB internal: -50Gb for OS -75Gb for Music and Pictures -375 for Recorded TV500GB external USB 2.0 -Full–movie storage used in My Movies250GB external USB 2.0 -Full–movie storage used in My Movies320 GB external USB 2.0 -About 30Gb left…TV storage used in myTVI hope to move everything inside the case to the other 5 SATA slots I have available soon. My motherboard offers RAID 5, just need to figure it out first!

  6. I run a WHS with 4.3TB of space. 2.76TB of DVDS.

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