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Windows Live Writer Test

I just downloaded Windows Live Writer and I’m taking it for a spin.

I am behind on my Living With Media Center posts but I hope to pick those back up today and complete them by this week.  I have had a number of things just get in the way (rest and relaxation being one of them).

UPDATE: Testing updating existing posts.  Seems to only work for posts that I generated from Live Writer.  Bummer.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to Joe Cheng from Microsoft for leaving a comment and letting me know how to update previous blog post.  I am definitely a Live Writer fan so far!!


3 Responses

  1. You can update any previous post by clicking the Open button on the toolbar, and selecting your blog from the left. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. I LOVE LiveWriter. A little shortcut I use a lot is the Insert Link keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+k. To make things even easier, copy a target URL from your browser, highlight the text in LW, then hit Ctrl+K..V [Enter}. If you keep Ctrl down through K and V, it will zip along faster than you can type.

  3. Thanks for tip hoopla. I have to thank LifeHacker for turning me onto Live Writer. I definitely think this will be my editor going forward.

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