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Restricted Content bug is hanging around

Two weeks later and the issue has not gotten any better. It seemed like my attempt at a fixed helped, but alas I am right back where I started from. Even posting at the Green Button out of shear frustration because of this issue.

I am really hoping that the updated release to Media Center, rumored to be code named “Fiji”, will be released soon. Now that Service Pack 1 is out maybe the Media Center update will soon follow.

In the meantime, this bug is holding me back from making Media Center my default TV/Media System. There is no way I can commit to this 100% if I cannot rely on it to record my shows with the same consistency as the Scientific Atlanta DVR from Time Warner that I was renting for $6.95 a month. That is not saying much since my box would have to be rebooted a few times a week to allow me to use the HDMI connection.

The frustrating part is that other than this bug, it’s a great system. I know it’s a PC and there are a million things that could go wrong. Because of that I have really tried to minimize the use to be a Media Center PC specifically. I have no problems if all I have to do is reboot my PC once a week. I can live with that. I just want it to record TV consistently. Is that too much to ask? I hope not, because if it is I wasted my money.


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