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Linksys DMA2100

I took advantage of the deal at Amazon on the Linksys DMA2100 this past Friday. The unit arrived on Tuesday so I thought I would post a few impressions.

1) Setup was quick and painless. I hooked up the network cable, HDMI cable and then plugged in the power. A few button presses and menu screens later I was connected to my Media Center PC and watching live TV. Overall setup time was less than 5 minutes.

2) I already new that the menu animations did not perform well from online reviews. I tested it out to see it in person and it was sluggish. I turned off the animations and the unit has been VERY quick and responsive. Almost more responsive than my Xbox 360. Not sure what that’s about.

3) The unit is SILENT and barely gets warm. After using the 360, I really appreciate the silence of this unit. I actually just leave it on and connected and only turn on/off my TV which is very nice. If another dedicated V2 extender comes out that is as strong as the Xbox 360 from an extender point of view but as quiet as the Linksys I would probably buy that to replace the 360 as my main extender in the living room. I would like to leave that on as well so I could just turn on the TV and start using media center immediately like I can in my bedroom now.

4) The size of the unit is perfect from my bedroom. It barely takes up space underneath the TV.

5) The included remote is not as bad as reported. It’s definitely serviceable. If this was a home theater setup I might replace it. In my case the remote was able to learn my TV’s power toggle, volume up/down and mute buttons with ease so it serves all my needs.

That’s it for now. Look for an updated video of my media center setup now that I have full CableCard working and my second extender installed.


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