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CableCard Install Tips

After my first attempt at getting cablecard installed in my ATI Digital Cable Tuners I have now have some lessons learned that I would like to share. If you are interested read on after the break.

First let me share some resources that I used and had available:
*) Chris Lanier’s CableCard FAQ
*) Microsoft CableCard FAQ
*) DCT – What could go wrong
*) S1 Digital Guide
*) CableCard Woes Thread @ TGB

Here are some lessons learned to supplement the above information:
1) Setup the DCT’s ahead of time with regular cable signal.
2) Setup 1 tuner at a time during the cablecard install. If you have a splitter installed for #1 above, REMOVE THE SPLITTER!!! Setup the first one with a direct line. Once that one is up and working then introduce the splitter and the second tuner. I went around in circles and my splitter was the issue. If the splitter is the issue then you may have to buy a new one or get the cable tech to increase your signal strength. Worst case you will need a whole new line run and not be able to split the line.
3) When you install the CableCard, if you have a good signal from the cable line you will get a carrier lock and the cable card will then be able to give MediaCenter it’s host id during the setup. You can also get the host id by going to the diagnostic website for the tuner (Start>Network> double click on the tuner). When you open up the website you will want change the url to point to advindex.html and not index.html. This will give you the advance screens with all of the info you need. Bookmark it!

That’s all I can think of right now. I will revise as I continue my CableCard adventure.


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