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CallerID is Working!!

I am really thinking that I should have named this blog “My Media Center Adventure” instead of “My Network Project”. It has been an adventure but these are the kind of things that I enjoy doing. The negative of all this is that it shows that Media Center is still not ready for the everyday person.

I did a lot of research but the answer came to me once again for the great community at TheGreenButton.com. I just can say enough about everyone over there. You can check out the thread here. I will also summarize what I did after the jump.

The first step in my research was determining if the modem that had come with my PC was caller id capable. Most modems these days are so I wasn’t to worried about that. I did the HyperTerminal test and determined that my modem uses a caller id initialization string of “AT+VCID=1”. There are actually a number of different strings. You just need to test them all to find out which one works for your modem.

So once I determined that the modem actually supported caller id I had to figure out why it didn’t work with TapiRex. The short answer is “message formatting”. When the modem gets the caller information from the caller id service and provides it the Tapi software on your PC it has to been a particular format. If it’s not correct then the software will always show an incoming call from an unknown source.

To correct this I had to reinstall the modem drivers with an updated INF file. I update the INF file to include the missing information, reinstalled the driver and then restarted my Tapi software (aka TapiRex). Like magic it started working and now I have caller id on my PC and thanks to the media center plugin on my TV as I use media center.

For all the nitty gritty details read the thread over at the Green Button.


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