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MyMovies and Transcode 360 up and running

After the adventure with my hard drive I was hoping that my next install would run smoother. Unfortunately it was not to be. I installed the MyMovies MCE plugin with no issues whatsoever. I moved onto installing Transcode360 to work alongside of MyMovies and the adventure started again.

For those that do not know, Transcode360 is a program that runs in the background on the main media center PC that allows you to watch videos that are not supported on your media center extender by “transcoding” the videos as you watch them to a format that the extender can natively support. Simple translation: It lets you watch XVID/DIVX movies on your extender.

I had two issues with this that I had to hunt down through a lot of research. The first was that I had an old version of the Transcode 360 Vista install. I acquired 1.6.0 from http://runtime360.com/projects/transcode-360/ and the latest was 1.6.3.

Once I had the right version installed and “working” my movies would start to transcode and then stop. The problem there was my Virus Protection software. Once I uninstalled that then it worked. There is a patch to allow the virus protection software to run concurrently with transcode360.

Of course all of this would be a moot point if the Xbox 360 was updated to match the current capabilities of the other V2 Extenders on the market like the Linksys DMA2100. These extenders can stream XVID/DIVX with no problem. I believe that the vendors are getting a 6 month lead time on this so that they can compete against the Xbox 360 in the extender market.

Long story short, I have it working!!


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