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Busy couple of days

Wow! The past couple of days have been a blur. The computer arrived on Tuesday and it happened to coincide with a CRAZY work week. I haven’t had much time to setup the new PC over the past few days, but I have had some. This weekend should see the rest of the non-TV related setup completed. Now on to what has happened so far!

The first adventure with the new computer started as soon as I opened the box. I bought a 750GB sata hard drive from NewEgg to compliment the 500GB hard drive already in the PC. The hard drive arrived wrapped in bubble wrap with nothing else (no box, nothing). So turns out I was missing a sata data cable to hook up the hard drive. Late night run to Best Buy fixed that problem.

The next issue to resolve was that the hard drive was no showing up as installed. Enabling the sata data port on the motherboard through the system BIOS resolved that issue.

The next issue was getting the new hard drive to show up as usable in Windows Vista. It was showing up in the disk manager as unallocated. The disk manager though would not give me an option to create a new allocation. I resolved that one after a few hours of research and installing the Western Digital utility for my drive. It was only for XP so I had to install it in a compatibility mode.

So getting the additional hard drive and turning on the computer was the extent of day 1. I started to copy my data over and called it a night.

More setup follies including Transcode360 and Caller ID to come later.


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