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New Day1 Plugin: MCE Customizer

I found a new plugin today while listening to the Media Center Show called MCE Customizer. It gives you a nice user interface to tweak settings that otherwise would require you to hack the registry. There are some nice tweaks here like “Enable Caller-ID” and “Skip Intervals” and it’s absolutely free. The full feature list after the jump.

Current features:
– Hide Or Show Startmenu Items
– Autostart Enhanced DVD Content
– DVD Notification Timeout
– Skip Intervals
– More Info Panel Timeout
– Seek Bar Timeout
– Mini Guide Timeout
– Display My Music As Last Viewed
– Display Wireless Passwords
– Disable Refresh Rate Changes
– Disable DirectX Check
– Enable DVD Gallery
– Disable EPG Discovery Service Reset
– Set Temp & Store Path For Recordings
– Notification Before A Recording Starts
– Recording Pre And Post Padding
– File Naming For Recordings
– Enable Caller-ID
– Enable Universal Remote Control
– Set Remote Control-ID
– Show Network Congestion Notification
– Show ‘Not Enough Bandwidth For TV’ Notification
– Prompt When Navigating To Insecure Pages
– Prompt When Submitting Nonencrypted Information
– Prompt On Mixed Content
– Start PC With Media Center Remote Control


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