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Network Pictures

I finally found a camera to take a few pictures of the work I did a last week as part of my network project.

Here is the 6-Port outlet that I installed in my home office. Installing this box was probably the easiest part of the install. Thanks to my closet attic space I have direct access to the framing behind the wall. This allowed me to do a quick, easy and clean install.

I am currently only using 3 out of the 6. The 3 not in use have blank covers in the slots. The 3 in use are primarly for use with Media Center so they connect to the Master Bedroom (1) and the Living Room (2).

Master Bedroom Outlet Living Room 2-Port Outlet

Here is a picture of the PVC pipe I ran down the side of my house. The purpose of this pipe is to run network cable from the attic down into the crawl space and up into the living room wall.

It’s 1″ in diameter and 22 feet long. The day I installed this was pretty windy so it was kind of a pain to have this laying against the wall swaying in the wind. Once I got the first bracket installed it became a lot easier.

Here is a picture of the PVC elbow going into the brick on the side of the house. The PVC going through the brick is about 5″ long.

Finally, to the right are a few of the tools I used after the wire was run. Starting on the left are the network outlets. Very easy to install using the provided punch down tool in the middle. I bought a punch down tool but was able to return it once I realized that one was already provided (and it worked great). And last to the far right is the much needed wire cutter/crimper tool.


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