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Harmony Remote for Xbox 360

I finally picked up a Harmony Xbox 360 Remote Control this past weekend in anticipation of the media center’s arrival. This has been on my shopping list for awhile now so I was extremely excited to get it setup and to start using it.

My first experience with the Harmony remote was at my Dad’s house. He purchased one to go along with his home theater setup. I was sold after the first 10 minute demo.

When the Xbox 360 version was released it was a sign that this was the smart remote for me. So far I still agree with that sentiment.

I borrowed my brother-in-law’s laptop with XP Media Center so that I could test out the activity creation with the Xbox 360 actually functioning as a Media Center Extender. Unfortunately since there is no TV Tuner in the laptop I could not test out what I really wanted: launching Media Center directly into Live TV.

There is also the power on issue which I was able to test but not fully due to time constraints. I had the “Play Xbox 360” activity working correctly and the “Start Media Center” activity working correctly. The only thing that I was not able to fully test was going in between activities. That just saves some of the fun for when the media center arrives.


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