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Another Xbox 360

I have always wanted to add a second xbox 360 to my setup for the purposes of utilizing it’s MC Extender capabilities. When I had originally thought of this plan, I was convinced that I should just go ahead and buy an Xbox 360 Elite. Now thanks to a refreshed 360 lineup, that is no longer the case.

My primary driver behind buying an Elite was HDMI. If I was going to add another xbox I definitely wanted one with HDMI. Just before the holidays Microsoft refreshed the 360 lineup and now all the sku’s have an HDMI port. Great news for me.

So now the plan is to get an Xbox 360 Arcade. A savings of $170. I still get another wireless controller and HDMI. I do not get a HardDrive, but I do get a memory card. This is actually a bigger win for me. The second xbox was always going to be a media center extender first and xbox 360 second so the hard drive loss is not huge. If I really want to later I can always buy a used one (but I doubt I will). Also I have always wanted a memory card to make my GamerTag portable but I never wanted to spend the money on one. Now I get one.

As far as the HDMI goes I plan on putting the new xbox downstairs with the 42″ plasma hooked up via HDMI with the old hard drive attached to it. The current launch (once-refurbished) non HDMI xbox will go to the master bedroom to act as a media center extender to the 19″ HDTV we have in there.

I will probably pick up the Xbox sometime in March if possible. Hopefully sooner.


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