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Task 1 Complete

Whew!!! What a day. If you read my “back on track” post you saw my project task list. It was by no means complete, but it was a good start.

Well I am happy, proud and excited to announce that task 1 is 100% complete. The wired network is now in place.

I was just so happy to get this done that I had to post. I am sooo freakin’ tired so I will wait until tomorrow to get into the details. It sucks that we still cannot find our camera or I would have taken a lot of pictures. Maybe I will do a flip video. We’ll see.

Need sleep now….


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Here comes my first question. I need to get some kind of a solution for networking my home. I am not normally familiar with doing things around the home and am a little scared, especially when it comes to drilling holes in the wall, getting into the attic etc. I saw some pictures on how you have wired your home. Do you have more details (either in the form of a post or video etc.) on how you did this. I will explore to see if this is something that I can do as well. I have also seen a lot of these Powerline Ethernet devices. Would you suggest I try one of those or just stick to wireless N. My home is bi-level with a possibility of using the basement in the future. I have my office upstairs along with the bedrooms. My living room is downstairs. I currently have one extender (Linksys DMA 2200). I am planning on getting another one. I wish I could use my PS3 as well, but it does not look like that can happen.

  2. Pradeep,

    I will do a post with more detail on what I did. It's actually not that hard. I am not someone who normally does this kind of work so if I can do it I know you can.

    I'll start working on the post and try and put a lot of pictures and video.

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