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Finally back on track

Almost a year later, I am finally back on track.

One of the main reasons for the delay was a technology wait. I have been waiting for the right Media Center PC with Cable Card support that was actually usable. It’s finally here: The Dell XPS 420 with Dual ATI Cable Card Digital Tuners. I will be placing my order with Dell on Feb 15th and I cannot wait!!

So am I just sitting around on my thumbs waiting for the computer to arrive? No at all. Here is the list of task that need to get done in the next 25 days:

  • Run all the network cable
  • Investigate, select and purchase upgrade router/switch
  • Investigate optimal setup for MyMovies MCE Plugin
  • Investigate, select and purchase third digital QAM TV tuner
  • Investigate and create plan for integrating Windows Home Server
  • Investigate additional plugins (i.e. caller id, weather, news, etc)
  • Create Day 1 plugin install package
  • Create Day 1 settings guide

One of my main resources for my media center investigation will be the forums at the Green Button. The community at the Green Button is amazing. I have learned soooo much since I joined the forums there and started reading a portion of all of the posts there.

Over the next few days I will blog about the above list and my progress on those items. I hope this blog is informative for anyone coming behind me doing the same thing. I’m just glad that the project is finally underway!


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