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About My Network Project

The “My Network Project” blog is about documenting the Media Center experience.  I try to write about what I went through in moving to Media Center and what its been like living in a Media Center household. 

Here are the categories under which I create posts:

1) News & Commentary:  Media Center news from around the internet.  Most of the news will be me linking to the sources that break them.  More often I will be commenting on the news and giving my opinion as to what the news actually means to the end Media Center user.

2) Features: Feature stories that I write will fall under this label.  These are usually long form posts that require some deeper thought and research.

3) Media Center Experience:  Posts under this label cover the experiences that are enabled with Media Center.  Most of the posts are also tied to the How-To posts that enable them.

4) How-To: The posts under this label will become reference material for anyone starting with Media Center and trying to get the most out of their Media Center experience.

5) Media Center Features:  All posts under this label, and the associated sub-labels (TV, Movies, Music, Photos, Videos, Extras/Plug-in) deal in some way with the standard features built into Media Center.

6) Content:  You cannot enjoy Media Center without the content!  All the posts under this label deal with content such as music, movies and TV.  Also covers Movie of the Week and TV Highlights.

7) Contact Me:  Do you have a question?  Send an email or leave me a voicemail and I’ll get back to you


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